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Blood circulation resolves all problems

Over 95% of all diseases are from the blood circulation issue. This would be a natural principle of the four phases of life : birth, aging, sickness, and death
  • The importance of blood

    If the blood is circulated well, the lymph would circulate well.
    Moreover, the hormone and the immune system would find their balance,
    ultimately resulting in the recovery of the chronic diseases.

  • The healthy blood Vessel

    For a blood to circulate well, the blood composition is important but mostly,
    healthy blood vessel is very important.

    If we figuratively compare the blood vessel as the road network,
    the veins and arteries would be express highways; whereas,
    venule and arterioles would be the national highways,
    and capillaries as the street alleys.

    Therefore, if we say that blood is circulated well, there’re no issue
    with the blood composition and blood vessel.

  • As we age, we live with problems related to the blood circulation issues.
  • What should be done to recover the capillary, which is around 95,000 Km in length?
Even if you consume good, healthy foods and supplements, if there’s an issue with the blood (vehicle) and/or the vessel (road), what would happen?

The capillary that functions as a road weakens as you age
and get ill and this becomes
‘the primary cause of the blood circulation disorder’.

What would be the ways
to enhance the health

of the blood and vessel
to improve the overall blood circulation?

You’d need to consider various things such as regularly exercising that’s suitable to your body, and managing your stress well, getting sufficient sleep, and setting the healthy eating habits suitable for your body.
However, if you are already used to the bad lifestyle habits, becoming older and/or are suffering from the chronic diseases, it would take a long time to revert back to have a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, it would be necessary to look into other alternative options to recover.

We would look further into a special method to strengthen the capillaries and enhance the blood circulation without any side-effects.
Acknowledged field of study through long years of research and clinical trials

Whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy

Photobiomodulationhas been known as an advanced treatment method that has been entered as a major keyword for the future treatment method on the National Institute of Health’s MeSH from December, 2016.

Physiological mechanism of PBM is that it strengthens the weakened capillary
to enhance its elasticity and result in better circulation

  • Whole-body Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy

    PBMT (Photobiomodulation)

    • Optimized tech for Photobiomodulation treatment applied
    • 100% made in Korea
    • Photon Intensity

    • Spectral Irradiance

    • Operating Output

  • Blood Circulation,
    Capillary Restoration
  • Cell Restoration,
    Elasticity enhancement
  • Activate
  • ATP Synthesis,
    Nitric Oxide (NO) production
  • Maintain
    hormonal balance
  • Increase body
Disclaimer: We do not guarantee specific results and results may vary from person to person

Hydrogen inhalation device (H-2000)

Important factors to consider for hydrogen inhalation device for health are cleanness and how much it generates gas.
  • CE certified

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Capsule (RO-101)

    The effect of hyperbaric oxygen (pharmacological effect)
    • Increase the concentration of dissolved oxygen in the blood stream
    • Enhance the granulation
  • The space energy device
    is placed at the centers

    The phenomena occurring surrounding the device

    • Maintain the freshness of food longer
    • Turns the property of water to be healthier
    • Accelerate the plant growth
    • Prevent oxidation and promote fermentation
    • Strengthens the antiviral functions of the individuals
    ※ 과천시, 원주 연세대, 한경대, 생명에너지 센터 실험 결과. 기타 자세한 내용 유튜브 ‘공간에너지’ 검색

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Disclaimer: This content consists of medical papers and academic information and is not intended to diagnose, treat diseases, or replace a doctor's advice, and all outcomes may vary from person to person.

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